ACT Research For-Hire Trucking Index: Trucking Decelerated, but Remained Strong in August

For-Hire Volume Index 9-28-21The latest release of ACT’s For-Hire Trucking Index, with August data, showed a drop in volumes and pricing, with a still-strong supply-demand balance.

The ACT For-Hire Trucking Index is a monthly survey of for-hire trucking service providers. ACT Research converts responses into diffusion indexes, where the neutral or flat activity level is 50. Please contact us at if you are a for-hire executive interested in participating. In return, participants receive a detailed monthly analysis of the survey data, including Volumes, Freight Rates, Driver Availability, Capacity, Productivity and Purchasing Intentions, plus a complimentary copy of ACT’s Transportation Digest report.

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Tim Denoyer, Vice President and Senior Analyst at ACT Research, commented, “Despite the Volume Index slowing, end demand remains strong and the slowdown is partly due to capacity limitations, from ports to trucks to trailers to drivers. With inventories rebuilding, strong US consumer balance sheets, booming capital goods orders, and infrastructure stimulus in the pipeline, the fundamentals of the freight cycle remain positive.”

For-Hire Freight Rates 9-28-21He added, “The pricing environment remains tight, but the Pricing Index slipped this month, likely reflecting a degree of capacity rebalancing. Though new equipment production is still challenged and freight demand remains strong, early signs of driver hiring improvements are beginning to change the recent recipe for record rate increases.”



Regarding the supply-demand balance, Denoyer noted, “This reading shows some rebalancing amid the overall tight freight environment, with a bit of easing in the acute tightness of the past 14 months. Class 8 sales are constrained by parts shortages and tight inventories, so equipment capacity is lagging demand. With some structural driver issues likely to outlast the pandemic and a generally positive freight outlook, we do not expect the market to loosen quickly, but the rebalancing has begun.” 

For-Hire Supply-Demand 9-28-21

This month’s survey also included a question about unseated capacity, and it’s safe to conclude from the range of responses that there’s an above-average number of unseated tractors around the for-hire sector these days. He concluded, “The driver recovery is the key factor to watch, and our Driver Availability Index continued to climb again this month.”

The ACT Freight Forecast provides forecasts for the direction of truck volumes and contract rates quarterly through 2020 with three years of annual forecasts for the truckload, less-than-truckload and intermodal segments of the transportation industry. For the truckload spot market, the report provides forecasts for the next twelve months. In 2019, the average accuracy of the report’s truckload spot rate forecasts was 98%. The ACT Research Freight Forecast uses equipment capacity modeling and the firm’s economics expertise to provide unprecedented visibility for the future of freight rates, helping businesses in transportation and logistics management plan for the future with confidence.

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