ACT Research: November Used Truck Average Retail Price Negative Y/Y for First Time Since 2020

ACT's Used Class 8 Retail Summary - November (P) 2022Preliminary used Class 8 retail volumes (same dealer sales) decreased 15% month-over-month, and were 38% lower compared to November of 2021, according to the latest preliminary release of the State of the Industry: U.S. Classes 3-8 Used Trucks published by ACT Research.

Other data released in ACT’s preliminary report included month-over-month comparisons for November 2022, which showed that average retail price declined 3%, average miles remained flat, and average age increased 1% from October’s readings. Compared to November of 2021, the average retail price was 1% higher, with average miles and age both greater by 3% and 1%, respectively.

ACT’s Classes 3-8 Used Truck Report provides data on the average selling price, miles, and age based on a sample of industry data. In addition, the report provides the average selling price for top-selling Class 8 models for each of the major truck OEMs – Freightliner (Daimler); Kenworth and Peterbilt (Paccar); International (Navistar); and Volvo and Mack (Volvo). This report is utilized by those throughout the industry, including commercial vehicle dealers to gain a better understanding of the used truck market, especially as it relates to changes in near-term performance.

Positively, the average retail sales price of Class 8 trucks sold in November was above $80,000. Unfortunately, that  means prices fell 3% compared to October. -Steve Tam, ACT ResearchAccording to Steve Tam, Vice President at ACT Research, “Positively, the average retail sales price of Class 8 trucks sold in November was above $80,000. Unfortunately, that means prices fell 3% compared to October.” He continued, “There is no escaping the reality that is excess freight hauling capacity in a declining economy and freight market. That simple fundamental imbalance carries quite a bit of sway when it comes to used truck pricing. The average retail used truck price has descended into negative y/y territory for the first time since August 2020. Welcome to the new normal.”

Tam concluded, “Despite the somewhat dour news regarding slowing sales and lower prices, there are numerous examples of solid performance peppered throughout the industry. A quick scan of the preliminary Used Trucks report shows several instances of high-volume truck models whose prices have yet to throw in the towel. The challenge is no different than it has ever been.”

ACT Research is recognized as the leading publisher of commercial vehicle truck, trailer, and bus industry data, market analysis and forecasts for the North America and China markets. ACT’s analytical services are used by all major North American truck and trailer manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as banking and investment companies. ACT Research is a contributor to the Blue Chip Economic Indicators and a member of the Wall Street Journal Economic Forecast Panel. ACT Research executives have received peer recognition, including election to the Board of Directors of the National Association for Business Economics, appointment as Consulting Economist to the National Private Truck Council, and the Lawrence R. Klein Award for Blue Chip Economic Indicators’ Most Accurate Economic Forecast over a four-year period. ACT Research senior staff members have earned accolades including Chicago Federal Reserve Automotive Outlook Symposium Best Overall Forecast, Wall Street Journal Top Economic Outlook, and USA Today Top 10 Economic Forecasters. More information can be found at

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