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You Depend on Data. Depend on ACT Research.

You Depend on Data. Depend on ACT Research.

Alternative Fuels Quarterly

Posted by ACT Research LLC. on Oct 18, 2019 2:16:46 PM

The landscape of the commercial vehicle space is constantly changing as companies are developing new and cleaner fuel options. There are continuous developments in fuel cell electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles, natural gas and continuously developing alternative fuels. To help those in the commercial vehicle space understand the dynamics of these changes, ACT Research has created the Natural Gas and Alternative Fuels Quarterly. This report covers the price of alternative fuels and natural gas, information related to alternative fuels infrastructure, equipment, retail sales, and other important happenings.

The types of business that should be interested in the ACT Natural Gas and Alternative Fuels Quarterly are those businesses that are involved in the development or adoption of alternative fuels and energy solutions.

With this report, you will receive trends, forecast, analysis, and details about alternative fuel prices, infrastructure, Class 8 NG retail sales (current and forecast), alternative fuel equipment/R&D, and highlights from ACT’s Quarterly Engine Outlook. Additionally, we share an overview of the past alternative fuel news, special information about alternative fuel developments. This report comes with a spreadsheet linked to regulatory information with details of the current and pending regulations that will impact alt fuel-powered CV demand.

Other businesses are using this report to inform them of the current state of the alternative fuels landscape, the adaption outlook, and infrastructure development.


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