ACT Research: Commercial Electric Vehicle Study 2020

In August 2018, ACT Research released its landmark multi-client study, Commercial Vehicle Electrification: To Charge or Not To Charge, to charter subscribers. The study displaced guesswork and speculation on electric vehicles with rigorous analysis and hard metrics for sales and share.  Our work recognizes electric power as a viable competitor to internal combustion engines, and examines advances in battery technology, environmental considerations and government policy, and quantifies the potential for significant operational cost savings. While commercial electric vehicles (CEVs) currently have a small beachhead on the market, the 2018 study confirmed they would steadily gain sales volume and capture significant market share in Classes 4-8 vehicle segments by 2035, the far horizon year of the analysis.  Now, ACT Research is diving into the data once again and to update the 2018 work.

We're looking forward to working with charter subscribers, as well as adding participants for this second edition. With the continued evolution in electrification and additional players in the market over the last two years, we hope to expand the subscriber list, broadening the spectrum of participants. Our hope is a customer set fully reflective of the current and future state of commercial vehicle electrification. 

A complete study prospectus can be downloaded by clicking the image to the right. To highlight, ACT's 2020 study update will include:

  • Unit Sales
  • Adoption Path
  • Batter and Power Storage Challenges
  • Fuel Cell Challenges
  • Comparative Total Cost of Ownership by Market SegmentCOMMERCIAL ELECTRIC VEHICLES STUDY PROSPECTUS
  • Regulatory Challenges and Incentives

Complete with analysis, spreadsheets, and adoption scenarios for benefit of all customers and participants.

For more insights into our 2018 study version, watch the video below.

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