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China Commercial Vehicle Outlook

Posted by ACT Research LLC. on Oct 18, 2019 2:03:30 PM

Testimonial.KirkMann (1)In 2008, a partnership between ACT Research and China's State Information Center was cemented by ACT President Kenny Vieth. This relationship provides information through ACT Research to forecast commercial vehicle demand in China for the benefit of Western companies interested in the Chinese market. If you're a Western company looking for insights into the Chinese commercial vehicle market, there is not another report quite like it. ACT's China Commercial Vehicle OUTLOOK is a quarterly report that reviews the macroeconomics of China, as well as deep dive into the transportation environment and industrial policies impact the Chinese commercial vehicle industry.

The types of business that should be interested in the ACT China Commercial Outlook are those businesses that are interested in transportation fuel/energy, manufacturing of alternative fuel for commercial vehicles, or supplying equipment or financing to companies using, considering, or developing alt fuel equipment/commodities/infrastructure as it applies to the China CV market. Other businesses are using this report to inform them of business cycle timing, planning and budgeting. Employment, procurement, and financial modeling.

With this report, you will receive:

  • Macroeconomic analysis – current data and forecasts
  • Transport environment & industrial policies
  • Analysis of current MD and HD truck markets
  • Vehicle forecasts (by quarter for the current year and five-year annual forecast)
  • Competitive landscape

Additionally, a monthly flash is available the last week of each month (except months when full report is published) and includes wholesale data by:

  • OEM and type
  • market share %
  • fuel and type
  • tonnage or length
  • monthly bulk commodity information
  • usage explanation sheet
  • PowerPoint graphs covering:
    • Economics
    • Transport Environment & Investment
    • Market Performance & Short-Term Forecasts
    • Long-Term Forecasts
    • Long-Term Factors
    • Market Competition
    • Market Share Trends

A few complimentary reports to the China Commercial Vehicle OUTLOOK, we also recommend your business consider:

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ACT Research is recognized as the leading publisher of commercial vehicle truck, trailer, and bus industry data, market analysis and forecasts for the North America and China markets. ACT’s analytical services are used by all major North American truck and trailer manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as banking and investment companies. ACT Research is a contributor to the Blue Chip Economic Indicators and a member of the Wall Street Journal Economic Forecast Panel. ACT Research executives have received peer recognition, including election to the Board of Directors of the National Association for Business Economics, appointment as Consulting Economist to the National Private Truck Council, and the Lawrence R. Klein Award for Blue Chip Economic Indicators’ Most Accurate Economic Forecast over a four-year period. ACT Research senior staff members have earned accolades including Chicago Federal Reserve Automotive Outlook Symposium Best Overall Forecast, Wall Street Journal Top Economic Outlook, and USA Today Top 10 Economic Forecasters. More information can be found at

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