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N.A. Classes 5-8 Vehicles by Country

Posted by ACT Research LLC. on May 7, 2020 11:44:44 AM
Testimonial.KirkMann (1)To give greater clarity to the entirety of the North American market data, ACT Research publishes the N.A. Classes 5-8 Vehicles by Country report. This is a monthly State of the Industry report that reviews the market statistics of Classes 5-8 trucks for the United States, Canada, and Mexico, allowing for greater granularity than in ACT's N.A. Classes 5-8 Vehicles report. Statistics reviewed in the N.A. Classes 5-8 Vehicles by Country report covers year-to-date and current month data, with views of industry performance, and export Classes 5-8 as well as monthly market indicators by country for Class 5 and Classes 6-7 chassis and Class 8 trucks and tractors: backlog, build, inventory, new orders, cancellations, net orders retail sales, Class 5 and Classes 6-7 segmented by Trucks, Buses, RVs, and Step Vans, Class 8 segmented by tractors with and without sleepers and trucks with and without sleepers. With a subscription comes access to various support materials via an online report dashboard at including:
  1. PDF of Current Month Report 
  2. Tables including:
    1. Classes 5-8 All Geographies
    2. Build & Sales Days per Month
    3. Monthly Market Indicators - U.S., Canada, Mexico, Export
  3. Graph pack complete with 140+ graphs covering:
    1. Annual Statistics
    2. Annual Statistics N.A. Tractors, Straight Trucks
    3. U.S. Class 5, 6-7, 8
    4. U.S. Class 5-7
    5. U.S. Class 8 Tractors, Straight Trucks
    6. Canada Class 5, 6-7, 8
    7. Canada Class 8 Tractors, Straight Trucks
    8. Exports Classes 6-7, 8
    9. Exports Class 8 Tractors, Straight Trucks
    10. Mexico Classes 6-7, 8
    11. Mexico Class 8 Tractors, Straight Trucks
  4. Glossary of Terms and Definitions
The types of businesses that should be interested in the ACT State of the Industry: N.A. Classes 5-8 Vehicles by Country report include commercial vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, as well as those investing in the OEMs and the supply chain or companies involved in the movement/logistics of freight that desire a more granular view of the North American market. If your business is interested in subscribing to the North America Vehicles Classes 5-8 by Country, we also recommend:

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