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Transportation Transparency: Freight Rates , Volume and Forecasting

Posted by ACT Research LLC. on Sep 3, 2019 12:28:12 PM

An article released by the Wall Street Journal on September 1, 2019 discusses the impact that the 2018 boom in Classes 5-8 truck manufacturing has had on freight in 2019.

Falling freight rates (as much as 20%) have been attributed to "more trucks than there are loads" for truckers and shippers.

Freight rates and volumes are directly impact by supply and demand.

How much freight needs to be shipped vs. how many trucks are available to haul the freight.

The influx of 2018 trucks ordered and built has created a large shipping surplus. With more trucks than freight available, the impact actualizes in the form of freight rates favoring shippers.

August Freight Update


For 36 years, ACT Research has been aggregating data on Classes 5-8 truck production as well as used truck sales for Classes 3-8. With this data, ACT has a robust used truck database that includes a mortality curve.

Why is this important?

ACT Research has sales data on used trucks from 1996. Combining the Classes 5-8 production with our Used Truck Classes 3-8 data gives ACT a unique and unprecedented actualization of the supply side of the freight markets...which is an industry first for understanding and, more importantly, forecasting the next three months to three years of freight rates (who will pay more - shippers or carriers?) and what will volumes look like?

Preparing for these market shifts is exactly the reason ACT's Freight Forecast: Rate and Volume OUTLOOK was created, as a tool to give transportation transparency to shippers, carriers, logistics, brokers, and those working in the supply chain.

The Freight Forecast can be utilized for rate and volume projections, as well as a negotiation tool for contract and spot rates. Freight rate and volume forecasting services the bridge of ACT’s leadership in commercial vehicle reporting, award-winning economic analysis with ACT’s transportation industry expertise providing an innovative and comprehensive view of supply and demand in trucking markets. The purpose of this monthly report is to provide visibility to industry professionals across the supply chain on the future of freight transportation economics to help planning and budgeting.

Are you in need of this type of information? Connect with us today to get an unprecedented level of information to help your business in the future. You depend on data. Depend on ACT Research.

ACT Research- Freight Forecast, U.S. Volume and Rate Outlook


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